Will Emma Raducanu win the US Open?
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I'm kind of in between, remember, this is only her 2nd grand slam, she came from qualifying and is still yet to drop a set. It will be interesting to see her against other powerful strikers such as maybe Sabalenka or Fernandez in the final or even Sakkari in the semifinals. Either way, she's the one to beat this us open. I just feel like if she goes on to lose a set, it'll be over for her.
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Yes, she can do it, she has the ability for sure.
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She had such a easy win over Bencic and I think the momentum will carry with her to win the whole thing. I recognize that she is only a teenager and that she may have to face the #2 and #4 in the world, but she will prevail- I am sure of it!
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Leyla Fernandez had a much harder path to the final, so she probably has a higher chance of winning
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