Lockhorns aims to transform the current toxic culture of online discourse into a culture of productive debate, where the clash of opinions is encouraged to foster an environment of open-mindedness and depolarization.

  • We believe that social media debate is, for the most part, destructive and ineffective, and the passion people hold for certain issues can be channeled more fruitfully when the discussion is organized and respectful. Lockhorns provides this space for people who truly want to change minds and educate themselves at the same time as constant clashing of good ideas forms great ideas.

  • Lockhorns is a platform for everyone to use, although an important part of our mission is to inspire the youth generation of the world to think critically about the world they live in. We maintain the opinion that frequent, well-mannered discussion and exposure to other people’s opinions will lead to a better educated youth.

  • Lockhorns is user friendly. The simple Agree and Disagree columns along with the rebuttal feature lays out arguments from both sides clearly. It differs from social media activism, which is one-sided and intentionally biased.

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