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4/16/22, Why Anthropology?

What even is anthropology? For many of you reading this, the extent of your acquaintance with anthropology is probably having encountered the word once or twice, and maybe knowing the definition. I think the best definition I have come across is: “Anthropology is the study of humanity and how human behavior has developed over time.” Though the study of anthropology is a bit arcane, that does not take away from the fact that the field is the bedrock of Lockhorns, and that the applications of anthropology extend to every single person in the world.

Our description of Lockhorns in the manifesto is “a platform that organizes online discussions to make conversations and debates on the internet more engaging and civilized.” Our mission is “to encourage the clash of ideas to depolarize the public sphere.” Anthropology is so key to being able to accomplish anything at all with Lockhorns because of a common piece of wisdom regarding start a business— a business should be the furthest thing from “a solution in search of a problem,” but instead should be a solution that is x100 better than the next best thing that addresses an ever-present, ubiquitous problem. 

In the case of Lockhorns, the natural course of action was to start to cultivate a deep knowledge of digital anthropology, specifically about social media and online debate, to better understand the “how” and the “why” behind people’s digital behavior. For instance, after learning more about the corrupting effect social media’s limited UX has on online discourse, we jumped to design the rebuttal and infinite counter-rebuttal feature, so discussions could flourish unabated on the platform.

P.S. As you guys can see, I have decided on the name “Anthrohorns” (a combination of the words”anthropology” and “Lockhorns”) for the blog. What do we think?

4/9/22, Blog Intro

Hello! This is the first post for a blog I have decided to start for an anthropological basis of Lockhorns. The blog is currently nameless, so if you guys have any ideas for what I could call the blog please reach out via the contact form.

Since my twin sister and I started working on Lockhorns, I have always been hit by bits of inspiration or had thoughts about Lockhorns’ anthropological/social impact, and just opened up a google doc to write everything down. However, yesterday, I was hit with the feeling that my writing is next to useless if it just sits in a google drive backlog, and should instead be shared on a public platform so others can read it and also give me feedback. This blog will function as an organized aggregator of what I already have written down and also as a place where I can publish my best new thoughts. As of now, I think I will post at least every Sunday and also throughout the week if there are things that I feel I just need to talk about.

If you are reading this in real time and see a blank page after this post, look out for a new post coming tomorrow. If you opened up this page and, for whatever reason, have scrolled to the bottom to see what this blog is about, I encourage you to browse for a bit and read some of the posts that catch your eye.

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