What is better: Minecraft or Fortnite?
Chef331, May 3, 2021, 625 views, 2
Minecraft is timeless. Every six months, groups of friends return to the game to play for two weeks. On the other hand, Fortnut is dead.
Jesus Christ, 23 views, 0 rebuttals, 0
I have no good opinions but if you seriously think fortnite is a better game than Minecraft you are stupid.
Duppend, 0 views, 0 rebuttals, 0
Minecraft is a way better game. It is way more rounded, and has everything that you are looking for, from a chill building session to a nail-biting survival game to player vs player combat. fortnite only has one thing. the mindless, sometimes brain-damaging combat
Guest User 850, 3 views, 0 rebuttals, 2
Minecraft is a lot more chill than fortnite, and there are so many more game modes available to play on minecraft than on fortnite. Also, minecraft has some educational benefit as its players learn how to create something of their own and maintain it.
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I like fortnite chun li is thicc
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