What is better: Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?
Chef331, May 28, 2021, 427 views, 0
Eight highly successful Harry Potter movies later versus no good Percy Jackson movies, the answer is clear: Harry Potter!
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Just look at book sales and movie sales: Harry Potter wins hands-down!
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Percy Jackson is better because it introduces new cultures and exposes you to different types of people. There is much more diversity in Percy Jackson than Harry Potter. Therefore, Percy Jackson is superior than Harry Potter
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You're basing something's worth on its diversity? Come on, really?? Wouldn't the better book be the better story and the better message. I think Harry Potter in a way has a message of anti-racism because of the muggle vs wizards conflict, which is why I think it is better even by your framework.
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In my opinion Percy Jackson is better. It has more plot twists and it has more action in general.
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