Was the Taliban taking over Afghanistan Biden’s fault?
cow22, July 8, 2021, 661 views, 15
Biden is a faliure. It could have been such an easy pullout, but he miscommunicated every step and due to his mismanagement thousands will die. How could we have chosen Biden to determine the destinies of millions of people all around the globe. It's shameful.
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Yes, the execution of the exit from Afghanistan was surprisingly managed very poorly. That the Afghan army even after 20 years of training by the US could not hold its own is not Biden's fault, but the anticipation of that possibility and the management of the exit is his responsibility.
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That the Taliban took over Afghanistan is not Biden's fault since it was long in the making as the Taliban has been taking over most of the country except Kabul in the past couple of years (under Trump's watch). The exit itself was badly handled though.
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Obama wanted to pull troops from Afghanistan. Trump also wanted to pull out from Afghanistan. Biden is the only president to actually execute the order that he campaigned on, and the disastrous results could only be expected.
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This has been America's longest war and it is without a doubt time to leave. When is it ever a good time in such an unstable country? The withdrawal was also long planned and the number of troops still in Afghanistan is fairly low too.
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