Was the supreme court right to rule against same-sex foster parents?
cow22, June 17, 2021, 561 views, 0
It is not God's will to subject innocent kids to the sin of homosexuality.
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Demonstrate your specific God exists with imperical evidence.
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the kids r gonna think it is okay to be gay and then they will be more likely to be gay. There is nothing wrong with being gay, but the neurotypical is typically what results in more happiness and acceptance.
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I might be misunderstanding this, but are you saying that kids would be happier if they were straight because then they wouldn't be discriminated against for being LGBTQ+? So then would you want everyone in the US to be a white straight male? ... Sexual orientation is no different from any of these other identifiers because it is not a choice! This argument makes no sense.
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This argument is so incredibly messed up. Thinking that it's okay to be gay (aka not being a bigoted idiot) is not something bad. Anyway, being gay isn't a choice; ultimately this is a question of whether the kid is brought up in an accepting and loving environment that teaches them that they are deserving of happiness regardless of their identity and sexual orientation. Teaching them hatred and homophobia in a desperate attempt to regulate a part of their identity that they have no control over is no path to happiness and acceptance.
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Do you really think a kid is gonna feel happier having no family, possibly never known the feeling of being loved than being with parents who have the same chromosomes?
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Yes, because a same-sex parents do not have the same things to offer to their children as heterosexual parents do. Typically, a boy gets taught to be a man by his father. This will not happen under a lesbian marriage. Also, a girl gets taught how to navigate through the world as a woman by her mom. This cannot happen under a gay marriage.
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Is gender really THAT big of a deal? Obviously there are certain things that people of different genders don't experience, but the fact that it may have to be a dad who talks to the children about periods and buy them proper menstrual supplies doesn't seem like a deal-breaker. Plus, it's not like the children will never meet an adult of their gender. It's likely that they will have extended family or family friends who can step in if their parents lack experience in a certain area.
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Alright there's a few issues here. 1- should we automatically take young children away from their families and put them up for adoption or fostering if one of their parents dies? 2- why can't we just have same sex couples foster children of that sex? 3- do you really think not having any type of family is better than having "half family"?
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Imagine if the supreme court had ruled in favor of a white supremacist agency that turned down foster parents of color... the fact that this rule was unanimous is very worrying
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I disagree with the supreme court decision, but you can't equate a white supremacist agency with a religious agency because their only mission / intent is white supremacy, while not supporting LGBTQ+ people is just a part of Christianity.
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