Was the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s house politically motivated?
Konrad, August 16, 2022, 345 views, 0
If the FBI had something on Trump they would have indicted him already. Think about it. They went looking because they have an agenda against Mr. Trump.
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That doesn't prove that they have an agenda though. More likely they got tipped off and seeing the track record of "Mr. Trump" they looked into it.
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Who would be pulling the strings? The director of the FBI is a career republican. It is very unlikely that he would bend to, say, Joe Biden's will.
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It is just following the law... Something the Republicans otherwise stress in their pitch to voters. If anything, this is politically bad for Democrats since Trump can now play the victim card.
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It just seems like the FBI got tipped off by a Trump insider and acted accordingly. The argument that this was politically motivated because the FBI would not have acted in the same way if it was a different president in question is not logically sound, as Donald Trump is different from other presidents . . . How many others tried to overthrow democracy and continue to state that the election was rigged more than a year later?
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