Was Kyle Rittenhouse acting in self defense?
cow22, November 11, 2021, 808 views, 9
To summarize the events, Rosenbaum initiated Kyle Rittenhouse aggressively, threatened his life, and chased him. Rosenbaum knew Kyle was armed, yet still threatened him and chased him down. Kyle defended himself. Afterward, he made himself a non-threat and stood by and called his friend to tell him what happened. Bystanders became confused and hostile toward Kyle while trying to figure out exactly what happened, so Kyle thought best to move away and start walking toward the police. While walking, people started pointing out and calling out Kyle as an active shooter. Confused bystanders then took it upon themselves to mob Kyle and attack him, thinking he was still a threat. After being kicked, attacked with a skateboard, and having a pistol pointed at him, he fired back at the mob, killing one more, and injuring the armed man who pointed a pistol at him. He then walked and turned himself over to police. In no circumstance did Kyle ever fire his weapon at someone not actively trying to attack him. Whatever you think Kyle's true motives were, or opinions are, are irrelevent. Fact of the matter is, each instance of him discharging his weapon was in legal self defense, while being attacked. Crossing state lines doesnt change this fact. Having his weapon illegally doesnt change this fact. Lying about being a certified medic doesnt change this fact. All the attacks on his character are completely irrelevent to the situation of self defense.
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You actually think that? Rittenhouse has, by definition, become an active shooter. He has engaged in an excessive form of retaliatory force. His intentions were unclear, and he tried to flee the scene. Lock him up.
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Kyle Rittenhouse was simply a good citizen who came out to help the store owners and police who were being overwhelmed. What happened was tragic, but NOT his fault after he was attacked by rioters and he defended his own life. End of story!
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No. He crossed State lines, to be in a town he shouldn't have even been in, illegally accessed a gunand got out of his depth. That being said, the Police set the entire disaster up, they encouraged rittenhouse to engage in conflict, didn't take the AR from him or even question if he should have one and they pushed Protesters and vigilantes together downthe same, dark street. Not to mention, the Police thanked the Armed vigilantes for being there, gave them water to drink and allowed Rittenhouse to go home that night. They should be on trial too.
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Multiple people cross state lines for work every day. That doesn't remove their ability to self defense. His access to a firearm is not illegal in Wisconsin. He just can't own one. There is a clear difference.
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You're not answering the question though. How does that prove that he wasn't acting in self defense, despite being kicked, chased, and attacked by two BLM protestors.
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He is so obviously a racist who wanted some purpose in his meaningless life. He just wanted an excuse to harass people who disagree with him, which turned into him killing two others.
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That's not a legal rebuttal.
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I don’t care how people try to justify it. This kid and the other people had no business trying to “protect” Kenosha. That’s what the police were for. If they can’t handle it then that’s their fault...
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That's the thing. They didn't just go there to protect in a militaristic fashion. They put out fires and gave people first aid and Kyle in doing so gave Rosenbaum the desire to chase and attack him. After Rosenbaum (a literal child rapist if you care about that) got killed other members of the mob chased Kyle abs one hit him with a skateboard before being killed and another pulled a gun on him. All three cases are cut abs dry self defense and none were because Kyle wanted to go kill protesters. Quite the opposite, he took all possible steps to deescalate and leave before using a weapon he never desired to while protecting his community.
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States over with an illegal firearm… aimed a married couple before any of the shooting even started. thats why he was attacked. do your research.
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