Was it justified for Sha’Carri Richardson to be disqualified from the olympics?
LilNasX, July 3, 2021, 669 views, 0
She knew the rules and she broke them- it’s as simple as that
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yeah it was honestly justified–i know status quo is a time of a very pro-weed? change, but the rules are rules and she should have went by the them. whether if the rule is rational/moral is up to another debate–either way, it was justified for richardson to be disqualified from the olympics.
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"Everybody knows what the rules were going in. Whether that should remain the rule is a different issue," Biden said.
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18 states have legalized marijuana and other sports leagues such as the NFL and MLB have lightened their stance. It is irrational for the US to not chose her for the olympic team because weed is not even a performance-enhancing drug.
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you can't smoke weed. period
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