Was BLM just a trend?
LilNasX, May 29, 2021, 1381 views, 0
Yes, every election cycle, they find a black man who died at the police and if the situation is easy enough to manipulate to show stupid people, then the event becomes mainstream and more riots and black squares occur.
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Even if Black Lives Matter has always been and still is a movement, the appeal to non poc comes and goes through events that kick start it sometimes. People don’t think for themselves on it enough to make it a lasting movement, instead it becomes a follow the leader trend.
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The ideas behind BLM were good, but the riots, wanting to abolish the polish, etc was just unamerican and unacceptable.
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It’s not unamerican to protest. There has been issues that have been “unamerican” that have benefited the greater good
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The activism on all social media platforms (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc) has pretty much come to a complete stop.
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Definitely has not. Look it up.
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The movement was a lie from the start, and has recently faded because people are starting to realize that it is a sham.
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Why is it false? There was actual event that started it.
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Bruh how is BLM false black people are more likely to get shot by the police and that's just a fact.
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No, they will bring it back along with Antifa for the 2022 midterm elections.
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It wasn’t just a trend, but was started by a real event that has been a real strong event
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BLM is still the largest organized social justice movement in the entire world. It is not just a trend by any means.- Bxsci
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Just because people are protesting against other events happening in the world right now, such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and rise in Anti-Asian and Anti-Semetic hate crimes, does not mean that BLM is over.
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