Utilitarianism is the best philosophical framework
Yo, June 17, 2022, 309 views, 0
Absolutely, what produces the most common good should also be the most moral action.
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Adherence to other frameworks like deontology are not only not practical at all but also extremely harmful to individuals and therefore society. For instance, in a scenario where somebody could kill Hitler, a follower of deontology would not because it is violating the principle maxim of never killing. Also, and this is the gravest consequence of all, deontology is what created Batman.
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Just because utilitarianism tries to maximize "goodness" for the most number of people does not make it the best framework for each individual
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lol but no
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A decision / moral calculus that has only utilitarianism integrated into it is horrible. An "ends justify the means" outlook on life is what enkindled and continually justified many of the world's greatest injustices, such as genocides, war crimes like Hiroshima or torture, etc.
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