TikTok should be banned in the US since user data might be accessed by the Chinese government
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Yes, it goes even further since once the app is on the phone it can access not only TikTok data but potentially also get access to all user data on the phone
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Yes, since TikTok can gather user's data and can also access a user's camera and therefore could in principle be turned into a sensor tool and could build a profile of every user.
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Some US government employee phones are now already blocking TikTok since the app is more than silly dances and has become a major social media and e-commerce app that captures more and more user and payment data.
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The bigger issues than siphoning off user data is that the army of Chinese Internet moderators could subtly influence (teenager) public opinion via TikTok
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There was a report in The NY Times on Dec 24 that employees at ByteDance (the parent company of TikTok) obtained user data of two journalists
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TiKTok has much more significance now than in its early days of just dance move clips, both in terms of number of users and also the amount of information that is being collected, so there is a large risk that the Chinese government could get access to this data and then reverse-engineer to identify identities of people
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The real reason that people want to ban it is that the US has no competitive product: FaceBook and Co missed the boat!
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Banning high-end chips that could be used to manufacturing weapons is one thing, but banning a social media platform is overreacting. Let the users decide on who comes up with the best platform
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The real reason is that US firms missed the trend for short videos that TikTok is riding and have lobbied enough politicians that now advocate for a ban. Similar to the ban on Huawei, which offers by far the best technology at a much cheaper price point than US / European firms.
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This is ridiculous and an invasion into free markets: who cares whether the Chinese government might have access to silly dancing movies?
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