The Ye and Fuentes dinner is the final straw that will break Trump’s 2024 presidential bid
NYCdebater, December 1, 2022, 287 views, 0
Well, now Trump is calling for the termination of the constitution so if this does not break the Republicans support of him, then what should?
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It will not matter whatever he says. Remember his astute 'I could shoot people on Fifth Avenue' comment? He just operates on a different level that nothing what he does or says affects his standing with the Republican base voters
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It is not this dinner, but Trump is loosing influence in the GOP as one can see with the McCarthy fiasco, it will be very hard for him to come back from his current low standing within the party and also the voters
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Apparently Trump has not left his Florida house for an entire month after his 2024 presidential announcement, so clearly he is rattled by the non-support of the Republicans so far.
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There is definitely more pushback from Republicans, including Mike Pence! Even Trump is defensive in saying "I did not know Fuentes" - which is probably a lie, but nevertheless this could be the start of the ending for Trump
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This dinner might be the excuse for Republicans to finally rid themselves of Trump - sadly not because of his viewpoints but rather since he has been loosing elections for the Republicans!
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It is a week now and the storm has died down already. Sadly the Republicans will still stand by Trump should he become the nominee for 2024
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Never underestimate Donald Trump. He has survived several "incidents", so this one will be just another one in a long list of actions that every other politician would have to resign over, but not Donald J. Trump.
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That is just wishful thinking, the Republicans are stuck with Trump unless he is sent to jail before the 2024 election
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Not even close, there was Charlottesville's "fine people on both sides" that also did nothing to the Teflon Don.
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