The world needs more nuclear energy to combat climate change
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From the Economist Dec 17, 2022: "The average French resident emits just 4.5 tonnes of CO2 a year, much less than the gas-addled Germans (7.9 tonnes) or car-crazy Americans (14.7 tonnes)." Powerful statistics that show that France, which has 56 nuclear reactors is doing much better than Germany which has only 3 reactor left and that will be shut off in 2023.
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From the same Economist article: "..a megawatt hour (MWh) of nuclear power cost nearly EURO 65 to generate... EUR 15 and EURO 46 that Spaniards and Germans, respectively, already sometimes pay per solar MWh". So nuclear power is very expensive (even before a real accounting of disposal costs and potential disaster clean-up costs) and renewable energies are the way to go
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Nuclear energy is an almost carbon-free way to generate a reliable stream of electricity, so there is no alternative to reach the climate goals by 2050
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Modern wind farms already reach 1GW in capacity (e.g., in the North Sea), which is the output of a typical nuclear plant. So wind energy is the way to go since it has fewer investment costs and lower accident risks.
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All the climate benefits are erased if just one nuclear accident happens in the US or in the middle of Europe, the technology is great when it works, but the there is a non-zero risk that a devastating impact accident could happen
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