The responsibility to reduce carbon emissions and take other steps to slow climate change should fall primarily on wealthy countries.
cow22, July 18, 2021, 344 views, 0
Wealthy countries + big corporations make up the bulk of carbon emissions so it's obvious that they should. But i do think that if you have the ability to, individuals should also do what they can to be environmentally conscious, such as riding a bike instead of driving, buying food from the farmer's market, etc.
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They have the resources to reduce emissions and build new technology. Also they are the most detrimental to the environment.
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Most pollution is done in developing countries (including China and India) due to the inefficient use of energy or chopping down the rainforest (e.g., Brazil, Indonesia). So developing countries have a huge role to play to combat climate change. However, wealthy countries should also (partially) foot the bill
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