The Kevin McCarthy saga shows that the US is increasingly ungovernable.
NYCdebater, January 6, 2023, 456 views, 0
Agree with Chef331, the debt ceiling debate will be the vehicle for the Republicans to drive the US government towards the edge of default again.
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The real test of being able to govern comes at the time of the vote on the next debt ceiling increase, will there be drama again of government shut-downs or a potential US debt default etc.
Chef331, 0 views, 0 rebuttals, 0
McCarthy just agreed to the one thing he said he would never accept: a single House member could force a snap vote to oust him as speaker! This significantly increases the political instability in the US.
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Even if Kevin McCarthy gets eventually confirmed, he will be a weak leader and held hostage to the freedom caucus since he had to make too many concessions in the process.
NYCdebater, 2 views, 0 rebuttals, 0
This is just another power play in politics in which one group (Freedom Caucus) wants to get the maximum out of the leverage that they have due to a slim Republican majority in the house. Normal governmental process.
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It is not “normal government process” because their demands are extremely undemocratic, to an extent that this country has not seen in a while.
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It is now three months later and the US government is still running, so after all the drama there is no real impact (yet).
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In 1859 it took 44 ballots to confirm a speaker of the House and the US has done pretty well in the 150+ years since
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The world may be laughing at the US, but eventually a speaker will be elected in days (or weeks) and the House will resume its duties
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