The current state of the world is the best in human history
cow22, April 17, 2022, 774 views, 0
Yes, on almost all dimensions (with a few short-term blips due to covid) the world keeps getting better and better overall: life expectancy, health care, education, peace (again with a few short-term blips)
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Though life is still best for white males by pretty much every measure, women and minorities are a lot better now than any other period in human history
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Many millennials are worse off than their parents. The sense of "inevitable progress" of America and much of the west is dying. I would say that the late 20th century was peak life.
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However, America in the 20th century had 2 world wars, 2 depressions, an excessive amount of racism, the Cold War, and a few large pandemics. Generally technology is better in every single way with computers, iPhones, and robots are starting to become more advanced. Also it was peak life for any nuclear family, actually to make it a bit broader, any white person. While generally millennials are worse off than their parents the average net worth (when adjusted for inflation) for black people has gone up slightly but for the most part is the same.
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What about the 90s
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Yugoslav war with 140,000 casualties, the first World Trade Center bombing, and the LA riots.
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Tbh yeah . . . Also touch some grass!
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