The Chinese Balloon incident is the beginning of a cold war with China
NYCdebater, February 5, 2023, 756 views, 9
The US is playing a technology Cold War with China for years as well in banning high-tech exports to China, so while this balloon incident might be just a minor side-show, in the broader picture there is cold war between the US and China growing.
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China has been building up its military for years now in conjunction with its increasingly assertive stance on the world stage. Whether there will be a hot war with Taiwan remains to be seen, but a Cold War with the US for being the future world's super power is inevitable
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This is how it always starts, small steps that have a hint of 'plausible deniability' like "it is just a weather balloon'...
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It might be aliens after all! Since the last three shot-down objects do not seem to be Chinese...
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It was just reported that bi-lateral US-China trade was the highest ever in 2022! So this very different from the cold war with the Sowjetunion where there was almost no trade between the two countries
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Apparently there were other balloons years ago as well, so this is nothing new and it just gained news coverage and the US had not other choice than to blow it up
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It was an accident. Don't they have better yet hidden technologies than a balloon?
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The US is already in a technology Cold War with China due to its export bans on high-tech chips and its machinery.
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