Social media is a negative force in the world
cow22, October 27, 2021, 785 views, 0
There are now numerous studies that social media has negative impact on mostly teenagers in terms of peer pressure and for political 'bubble behavior' that people only listen to news that show up in their feed versus a more balanced source of opinions
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People should live in the real world. Social media literally only shows the life that people want to show - none of it is real and this has such a negative impact ( think pressure to show off their glamorous lives as well), especially on young people ( who have grown up with social media).
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Social media enables the connection of billions of people that would otherwise not be able to connect. It is everybody's free choice to open an account with Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or not, so if someone feels intimidated by a social media post, then just switch off the app.
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If this were true, I would definitely be on the pro side. However, the nature of social media is that it is omnipresent and inescapable. Being on social media is a necessity for maintaining friends, networking, and overall climbing the social ladder. Also, big social media companies have a gigantic hold over billions of people and can easily proliferate miscommunication.
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