Should Ukraine exchange land for peace with Russia?
Gigglesaurus, October 11, 2022, 595 views, 0
Yes, otherwise this war will drag on for years at a large human cost. Just exchange the parts of Ukraine that has a predominantly Russian population in exchange for a peace treaty.
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But you can never trust any agreement and it will just give time for Putin to replenish troops, weapons and ammunition. Ukraine has the advantage and should press on for now
NYCdebater, 0 views, 0 rebuttals, 0
It is now the anniversary of the war and this war sadly could go on for many more years. A face-saving deal for both sides should be quietly being worked on to stop the suffering.
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Not yet as the Ukrainian army is making good advances, but at some point in the war it might have to come to negotiations after both sides decide that the loss of life and infrastructure is too great.
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No since this would mean to give in to a bully and aggressor and would send s signal to other autocrats to do the same. But in Ukraine it is tricky for a few small areas of land that have a majority Russian population (but much smaller areas than what Russia annexed)
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Any agreement with Putin as this point will not mean much since he will likely just break the agreement as soon as he thinks his military is strong enough again to go into the offensive
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No. It is a matter of principle. Besides, Putin may not stop there since his ultimate plan may be to take over the whole country.
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