Should Trump be allowed back on Twitter?
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That is just up to the internal decision of Twitter, the company. If they decide to get Trump back, that is up to them. Twitter might seem like a public institution, but it is a private company and they can decide whatever they want.
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Well he was just re-instated by Elon Musk, but is still coy about posting giving his Truth Social Platform. Yes, as a matter of free speech he should be allowed back, subject to a content review policy by Twitter (which will be interesting to see whether Musk actually will produce one!)
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Twitter under Elon Musk's ownership will get Trump back as it is their business decision to do so. It is about the key Democrats building an equally effective social media presence to counter Trump's posts
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If he breaks the law, he should be tried in the courts. Otherwise, everybody should have the right to express their free opinion. If it is in the grey zone or there is an imminent danger, then there should be 'pauses' of some time.
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He incited violence on so many occasions and is a threat to American society. PRIVATE BUSINESSES have a right to kick people off their platforms, and Twitter should continue to do so.
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One of the core values of American society is free speech. Though Twitter is a private company, it has revolutionized the way humans communicate with one another, and therefore should be a lot more pro-free speech. Trump is now blocked from public discourse, which is the antithesis of American values.
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You just completely dropped the fact that he has incited violence and, if he is allowed back on twitter, will continue to spread information that undermines our democracy. I completely stand by free speech, but kicking Trump off of twitter was not a violation of this "revered American value," it was recognizing the danger of his speech and acting accordingly.
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