Should transgender women compete with biological women in sports?
Konrad, March 27, 2022, 377 views, 0
Nature awards advantages in all ways. Being a transgender woman is the same thing as having a larger wingspan, as in it is an advantage that a person has with no control over. I challenge anyone who says that it is different.
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The problem is that transgenderism is not only a product of nature. A bag-chasing male could simply say they feel like a woman, undergo hormone therapy but maintain an undeniable biological advantage, and then trash the dreams that cisgender women have worked towards their entire lives.
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Well yes just prepare for transgender women to complete with men
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Look at what happened with Lia Thomas. "She" shrekt every cis woman, even though "she" was a so-so swimmer when competing with males. Think about it- If the athletic level of men and women are equal, then why do we have separate leagues in the first place. I can give a clue . . . it's definitely not because of the aesthetic.
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