Should transgender people use the bathroom of their chosen sex?
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Of course, otherwise it will look very weird that a person that looks like a woman enters a men's bathroom?
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Why are there even two bathrooms? Isn't one enough? Are people afraid of each other's noises or smells or something? What, you think your farts smell sweet and you poop rainbows like Jeffree Star after all that colorful candy that he eats? Everyone makes noises and smells bad. Also, this is clearly a Big Toilet conspiracy, they clearly made two because they didn't want men to know women's secret bathroom conversations and vice-versa. Also, what does this entail for the other (infinite) genders? Infinite bathrooms? We may need David Hilbert's help.
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are you crazy, 99.7% of times someone is raped, it is man raping woman. The average man is bigger and stronger than the average woman and the average man could overpower the average woman. Even if a biological man says he is a women, it is still a danger for him to be in the womens bathroom. You go into the bathroom of your biological sex and your gender at birth.
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This argument fundamentally misunderstands the idea of being transgender (as shown by the repeated misgendering of a trans woman). A trans woman is a WOMAN, not a man, and therefore should not be referred to using "he/him" pronouns unless they have a more fluid gender identity. No one is saying to let men use a women's restroom. However, trans women are not men and are not a threat to cis women.
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