Should the U.S. adopt a “Universal Basic Income”?
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Yes, either that or increasing the minimum wage and making jobs more accessible to people. Universal basic income should be low and in fact I would say lower than minimum wage, mostly as a temporary solution for those unable to get jobs, similar to unemployment. The idea of raising the minimum wage and making jobs more accessible would probably go hand and hand with this as to help people that need it. But America does have a track record of not liking the idea of people being able to do the simple necessity of feeding themselves: In a UN vote the US was one of two countries to vote against food being a right (in case your wondering, Isreal was the other one). The chances of UBI becoming law is slim as the idea of increasing the minimum wage is more popular. But the ability to eat and to care for ones family should be something accessible to all people. Also, not adopting UBI is a way of oppressing not just minorities but also the lower class in general (which happens to be 58 percent minorities). -your friendly neighborhood war criminal
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During COVID the US government paid some sort of universal basic income to people and it worked spectacularly well to prevent the economy from crashing
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This would be a form of reparations for communities who have been disenfranchised by the American capitalist system for generations
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it would lead to communism
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Universal Basic Income more like Universally Bad Income!!!!!!!!!
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Bro . . . why . . .
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A UBI would cost 2.8 trillion / yr. There is no feasible way for the government to get that much money.
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Hahaha that's not true the US spends $934 billion on military and also the economic growth as a result of a UBI can in turn pay for it.
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A "Universal Basic Income" would de-incentivize work as people could simply subsist off of their UBI income, and would not need to work.
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