Should the Dreamers under the DACA act become US citizens?
NYCdebater, May 28, 2021, 921 views, 0
I would be cruel to deport the dreamers who have practically never lived in their country of birth, might not even speak the language and have not relationships there. The Dreamers are US residents for sure and need a path to citizenship
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There seems to be finally a good chance that Congress will pass the Dreamers Act in the lame duck session before the new congress gets sworn in Jan 3 - this is just common sense to give hundreds of thousands of people legal security in the US
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Yes, since dreamers were brought to the US by their parents when they were children and not of their own choice, so they can't be held responsible for that
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Dreamers are US citizens for all practical purposes already since most have never known or even been to their birth country
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There should be no separate 'jump the line' path to becoming US citizens as this then incentivizes more parents to bring their children illegally to the US
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