Should the British monarchy be abolished
Chef331, October 11, 2022, 803 views, 0
King Charles coronation allegedly costs GBP 125M - what could all this money otherwise pay for?
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The British monarchy is an outdated and unnecessary institution that serves as a symbol of privilege and inequality. The monarchy is a reminder of a time when the country was ruled by a small elite, and it perpetuates the idea that some people are born with more rights and privileges than others.
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That is up to the British parliament to decide, but a monarchy does not fit into the times any more. Many countries have a ceremonial (elected) non-executive president without all the pomp, so that is the way to go
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Yes, it is time to move on towards a full democracy, save tax-payer's money, and reduce the drama about the wider royal family
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King Charles is having his coronation now (May 2023) and the city of London is full of tourists, so what not to like?
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The monarchy is just good entertainment. Look at the drama now (Jan 2023) in anticipation of all the stories coming out in Harry's book.
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It is probably still too entrenched in the British culture to fully abolish it. Just start to modernize it, as the Queen of Denmark is doing with removing some of her grandchildren from succession so they can live a normal life
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No, since it has a net positive effect on the UK in terms of soft power, as tourist attraction and as a unifying institution for the country
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