Should NYC hospitalize mentally ill people against their will?
cow22, December 17, 2022, 155 views, 0
What is the alternative, let mentally ill people fend for themselves and abandon them into homelessness? That is a cruel policy. Rather the government should help people who are unable to help themselves and are a potential danger to themselves
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It is the government's ultimate obligation to help people and mentally ill people deserve the government's help. They will not be put in jail, but rather offered treatment.
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No. Just because they are mentally ill or homeless does not mean that they are not people. This new policy is disgusting
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The policy does not say that they 'are not people' and will be jailed. There is a tough trade-off to be made in NYC and also in California between individual people's civil liberty versus their own safety and potentially others. The new policy swings back to say that for people who obviously can't help themselves the government will step in and try to help them.
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