Should Israel And Palestine Settle Their Conflict With a Rap Battle?
Will Brody, May 15, 2021, 424 views, 0
Yes. I believe that this would ultimately result in peace between the two nations. Due to the nature of a rap battle, I believe that both nations would be humbled by the others words. This would truly highlight the false dichotomy between the two nations, as they would realize that their ideologies may not be so different after all. Additionally, the humiliation of losing in a rap battle would cause the losing country to give up and stop sending rockets at the other. Ultimately, lives would be saved as the duality of the Israeli and Palestinian citizens would be destroyed, resulting in a net benefit. The only drawback would be that the losing country grows so embarrassed that they start a nuclear war. However this would require the bars to be so extremely fire that they would become revolutionary in the political rap battle world. However our social scientists place the odds of this at 0.01 percent.
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You laugh while thousands die . . .
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