Should critical race theory be banned from schools?
cow22, June 23, 2021, 586 views, 7
It teaches kids to hate other kids- If you're white be ashamed because your ancestors did bad things. It teaches minority kids that white people are reponsible for all the wrong in their life, which only breeds more hatred. Of course there is racism in America, but it is not systemic and definitely not to the level that CRT says it is.
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It is not clear what CRT actually is: if it teaches that every white boy is a potential killer, then that should not be taught in school, but if it means to teach the impact of slavery even on today's history, then it is a useful addition to the curriculum
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First of all critical race theory (CRT) is a college level course, but if you mean teaching kids about racism than no, it should not be banned. People tend to throw around CRT as a phrase to describe all teaching of racism in America but this is not the case. CRT is an extremely long and complicated teaching (for lack of a better word) and should not be taught until maybe, teaching kids about racism is a very important step in closing America’s massive racial divide. I think that schools teaching kids to, at the bare minimum, not hate each other because of how they look is a step that all schools should be required to do. I also think that near the middle or end of middle school kids should start to be taught about systemic racism, but not in much detail to avoid confusion and the general mistrust between students. In high school students should be able to learn more about systematic racism. The movement against the teaching of systemic racism is often backed up by the claim that systemic racism isn’t real but this just isn’t true. Systemic racism has more older examples than newer ones, not to say their aren’t numerous new examples. An older example of systemic racism is directly after Lincoln’s assassination and when Andrew Johnson becomes president: Johnson shut down a program that would give black people land in order to give them a start in their new freedom, this stopped black people from building generational wealth because owning land is a huge part of that. Johnson doing this is the reason why there is a huge wealth divide between black and white people. A new example of systemic racism is simply the closing of voting sites in majority black neighborhoods, I don’t think I need to explain this in too much detail because stopping black people from participating in the government is the definition of systemic racism. So should the teaching of systemic racism should be banned: no, in fact it should probably be required.
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LBJ is the major reason for the racial inequality gap we see today, because his policies incentivized single motherhood. And surprise surprise, LBJ was an omega democrat.
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Banning it would bar a useful analysis in the racism of American law (it doesn't say all White people are racist).
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No, but i don't even think it's being taught in k-12 schools. CRT is being misconstrued by the GOP so that it sparks fear and outrage and serves as a talking point for them.
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