Should coronavirus vaccines be mandated for all eligible people?
cow22, May 3, 2021, 1184 views, 9
Of course. I don't get why people are so afraid of the Fauci Ouchie. Sooner or later we all die - stop being a whiny nancy.
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yeah but I would rather die later than sooner??
Yo, 2 views, 0 rebuttals, 0
It's quite simple. Unvaccinated people harm others by spreading the virus and mandates increase the vaccination rate.
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It is the responsibility of the government to look after its citizens. They way Delta is going it is very simple: you either get vaccinated or you will get covid and might die
Guest User 685, 9 views, 0 rebuttals, 3
The government can require things such as driving on the right side of the road and wearing a seatbelt, so mandating a vaccine should be no different.
Hi, 4 views, 0 rebuttals, 1
Vaccines should be mandated because it’s the quickest way to reach herd immunity
Guest User 118, 2 views, 0 rebuttals, 1
No, since the government cannot tell its citizens what to do unless it harms other people. Organizations such as schools or companies are free to mandate vaccinations if they so deem suitable for their 'members'.
Guest User 159, 38 views, 1 rebuttals, 2
Not getting a vaccine does harm people, though, because it spreads the virus to people at high-risk, which is a large percentage of the population.
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Hypothetically, states possess the constitutional authority to mandate the vaccine for all eligible adults. The caveat to such a mandate would be the lack of an administrative force to universally observe and endorse the vaccine, hence making a mandate a much more unattainable process than typically conceived. Though it is undoubtedly important that the government showcases the merit of the vaccine in order to return to pre-covid society, mandating the vaccine seems nonviable.
wtaylor-23, 19 views, 0 rebuttals, 1
Bro I'm sorry what does that even mean. Like can you counter-rebut this argument and explain your position because right now I am convinced it is dumb lmfao.
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