Should colleges no longer take “legacy status” into account in admissions
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After the Supreme Court decision on ending affirmative action, the natural next step is now to also end the policy of legacy admissions which is just a slightly veiled 'affirmative action' for mostly white affluent applicants
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Where parents went to college should not matter for their kids. Some elite colleges such as MIT are already explicitly stating that they do not consider legacy status anymore in applications.
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Abolish it. If alumni really feel strongly about the value of their education that they received and want to give back, then they should donate money without an implicit understanding that their offspring will have it easier to get into that college
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Yes because it disproportionately helps white people get into elite colleges
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Absolutely, as this causes a larger number of students being admitted than under the traditional affirmative action policies. It is a quasi affirmative action for wealthy people!
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Colleges, on top of being educational institutions, are also for-profit institutions. Many schools that aren't ivy league need the legacy requirement to make sure that they have repeat "customers" and can stay afloat.
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But they are first and foremost educational institutions. They should value merit or profit.
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If it is not a guarantee that if your parents go to college X, you are also getting in, but rather a favorable factor similarly to, say, an outstanding extracurricular activity, then nothing wrong with giving committed (and probably full-paying) legacy applicants a bit of an advantage.
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