Should affirmative action be used in college admissions?
cow22, December 28, 2021, 1022 views, 0
If it is just one more criteria to be used in the very comprehensive admissions process that includes grades, test scores, extracurriculars etc then yes affirmative action has its place too, same as legacy admissions and sports recruiting
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Yes, since there is implicit affirmative action for wealthy applicants too via legacy admissions and athlete recruiting for non-crucial sports teams such as sailing, fencing etc.
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No, but the unfairness of the application that favor other people should be dealt with instead of just adding more unfairness.
Duppend, 14 views, 1 rebuttals, 0
What do you mean by that?
YourBoyHans, 0 views, 0 rebuttals, 0
i would rather see legacy admissions go, but i do not believe that race should play a part in admissions — what can just one’s race tell you about a person?
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No since your race should be just one of many factors in the application. Your socio-economic background regardless of race deserves more support than simply your race.
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