Resolved: The United States Federal Government should increase its diplomatic efforts to peacefully resolve internal armed conflicts in West Asia.
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This is a volatile region with simmering conflicts between Israel and Iran, Shias versus Sunnis and multiple armed conflicts over decades, so any diplomatic efforts to resolve issues is beneficial versus another armed conflict
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If the US were to engage diplomatically in West Asia, it would immediately be seen as Imperialism and meddling in other countries' affairs. This makes the US not credible and could even trigger a backlash agains the US with countries in West Asia rather seeking help from China or Russia.
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This region has been unstable for thousands of years, given the role of different religions and sub-branches within religions (Shia vs Sunni). There will always be armed conflicts in this region and the US has learned it the hard way that getting involved with military or not is always a loosing proposition. Let the regional countries themselves figure it out
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