Prosecuting Donald Trump in the Stormy Daniels case is a mistake
NYCdebater, April 8, 2023, 708 views, 0
Nothing that can be done about it since the legal system works its own way and is not coordinated by 'the democrats', but going with this case will probably relativize the Georgia and Jan 6 cases so people (and jurors) might just shrug.
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He will probably walk and then use it in his campaign that is was all a witch-hunt by the Democrats
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The case seems very weak to be a felony and so far has only helped to rail up Trump's base and his poll numbers
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If he breaks the law, then he should be prosecuted
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Well he just got indicted for the document case as well, so the cases are piling up and the "weaker" Stormy Daniel's case did not deter further indictments.
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He is not above the law and just got convicted in the civil rape suit too. Of course every of his many cases is different, but they are not controlled by someone, so let the justice system do its thing in each individual case.
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It may beg a first for a former US president, but this is not so unusual in other countries: In South Korea and Taiwan almost all former presidents went to jail for some time, the former presidents of France and Italy have also been taken to court.
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Let's be clear about the case and that this is not a political witch-hunt: he had an affair, paid (indirect) hush-money to conceal it just before the elections and in the process forged business documents and violated campaign finance law. Where is the outburst from his Christian base on the actual act and from his law-and-order base on adhering to the law?!?!?
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Michael Cohen went to jail for the same case! So if there is a real case here that should be prosecuted
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Nobody is above the law, not even former presidents, so if a grand jury of the people this case should proceed, it has to proceed.
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