Is modern-day feminism a positive force in the world?
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Yes. All it does is support the advancement of women with the end goal of the sexes being entirely equal. If you don't support the feminist movement, then you are most likely a sexist.
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I agree, but on social media feminism has become an absolute joke. The vast majority of feminism on the internet is “Radical Feminism” which mostly encourages women to reject any bad thing that happens to men because of the fact that they are “privileged”.
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How?? Name an example of a prominent "feminist" or even a celebrity that you would consider a radical.
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It goes back to that old adage: sticks and stones may break my bones, but there will always be something to offend a feminist.
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Yes — feminism should not be defined by its most extreme advocators. All in all, feminism is a necessary part of society.
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It looks at toxic masculinity in an attempt to prove issues for men. E.g. men are less likely to open up due to the idea they gave to be strong, as a result of toxic masculinity
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Feminism in third world countries is much needed, especially in the muslim world. It is undeniable that feminism there is an extremely positive force, despite how much impact it might make.
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NO because it is based off of spreading hate and creating divides tha n it is uniting people. If it were to take a more unified approach instead off yelling and canceling everyone they disagree with people may agree with it more.
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Modern feminism is growingly focusing on more trivial concerns while ignoring growing calls for equality for men, in fields such as parental rights and responsibilities, suicide and drug abuse rates, and stereotypes and roles surrounding men. However, this is mostly in criticism to specific variants of feminism, some do look at important women's issues like sexualisation, bodily freedom, reproductive rights and sexual harassment and assault.
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