Is man-made climate change real?
LilNasX, June 22, 2021, 449 views, 0
Yes, the current warming of the planet seems to be at least partially man-made as the overwhelming scientific evidence shows. It is another question whether it is irreversible and whether it matters of long periods of time for the Earth since there have ice-ages and warm periods before
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Yes, the unprecedented heat wave that’s going on right now in Canada and the Pacific Northwest is definitely man-made. There is no way it is normal to have that kind of heat.
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Overwhelming climactic evidence suggests that increased human activity leads to greater concentrations of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, be it water vapor, methane, carbon dioxide, or CFCs.
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I'm pretty sure NASA knows what they're talking about https://climate.nasa.gov/
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During global lockdown the conditions of the planet improved vastly, showing the correlation between less human interaction with the planet and better climate conditions.
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The earth has existed for billions of years, so how could we ever scientifically tell whether humans make a real long-lasting impact on climate change - it could be just a mere blip in the earth's journey
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A blip would be a fraction of a degree over hundreds of thousands of years, not a few degrees in a hundred. Geologic time is insanely slow.
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