Is Lebron washed up?
admin, May 28, 2021, 456 views, 0
He was nice as a Cavalier battling Kobe's Lakers single-handedly. Now he's a CCP apologist who leaves games early like a diva.
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He's the biggest flopper in the league now and he's 36.
LilNasX, 6 views, 0 rebuttals, 0
no shot, he averages 30 6 and 8 on a team with anthony davis, russell westbrick, carmelo anthony, and a bunch of bums
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The sad reality is that in Lebron's prime he could carry a team of nobodies to a chip. But now, he is struggling to drag a team of "bums". Also, the Lakers aren't bums; they have a solid rotation that can get to the playoffs. Remember last year?
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He just broke the all time scoring record (Feb 2023), so yeah he is not washed up...
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