Is it too late to stop climate change?
cow22, December 17, 2022, 161 views, 0
Yes, because nobody cares about it anymore. There is nothing we can do now
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There is so much that can be done. For example, a modern wind farm in the North Sea in Europe already produces as much output as a nuclear plant. There are plans to build hundreds of wind farms. Further, there are many carbon-capture projects in production and under development. Let innovation flow!
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Too late for whom? Humanity? Planet Earth? If the latter, then it is not too late since Earth has suffered ice ages and hot periods over its billions of years of existence and will also shake off the 'blip' that humans have caused. If it is the former, then the answer is not as clear-cut as there could be technological advances down the road that could turn around the effects from climate change (but not in the short-term)
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