Is it possible to put a price on human life?
SubwayRider, May 12, 2021, 1017 views, 0
Yeah, if you harvested every chemical and organ in your body you could sell it for 45 million. But a dead body is worth 550,000. But some economists put the price at 10 million dollars per human life. So if you are ever short on money you could always sell your sister or brother. Or granny if you feel like it.
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But that doesn't that someone is actually worth 45 million. It just means that other people are willing to buy "you" for such. Human life is priceless.
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Soooo, slavery is America’s largest and most expensive industry
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Historically or currently?
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It is arbitrary but in wrongful death lawsuits penalties are awarded for wrongful death, so there has to be put a price on a human life, however imperfect the calculation might be
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Check the black market
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see me blowing up now they say they want some
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No, because money cannot bring you back from the grave. Once you are dead, it is for eternity.
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