Is it fair that a white male in California has to be at least 5′ 10” to donate sperm?
admin, May 31, 2021, 461 views, 0
Yes bruh . . . who wants short kids?? Nah jk but still I think it's good because it is making the gene pool of the people who are born through sperm donation better.
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No, that's discrimination. As long as the reviver of the donation knows the physical details of the donor, I don't see the issue.
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It is frankly discriminatory that more than half of all white men in California are being told that they are not good to contribute in the production of the next generation of humans- Stuyvesant (5' 4'' Asian).
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Lmao (I know this isn't a rebuttal)
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That's not fair at all. Height doesn't matter at all and does not correlate with any negative health outcomes.
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