Is Facebook responsible for harming girls?
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The whistleblower's documents and testimony show that Facebook has internal research that shows Instagram worsens teenage girl's suicidal thoughts and eating disorders yet still decided to continue to send content to increase the anxiety
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Yes, their algorithms are designed to keep users' attention so that they continue using the app. Whether intentionally or not, this has led to the promotion of harmful content, especially for teenage girls -- and they are responsible ( impact > intent).
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This issue is more an issue of the Internet and social media in general and not of Facebook. Even if Facebook were to hire thousands of more staff to screen and take down questionable posts they could not keep up with the amount of postings
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What has happened to personal responsibilities?
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What would you say to drug addicts or alcoholics who have fallen victim to these addictive substances? These young impressionable girls have also fallen victim to certain environmental pressures that have caused negative impacts. It could be argued that Facebook is even more accessible to them, on on any screen that they turn to.
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