Is capitalism the best economic system?
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in communism the system is based on sharing the wealth. so lets say you have 5 dollars and 4 friends who have no money, so you're forced to give them all a dollar. you worked hard to get that five dollars but you were forced to share it because your friends dont wanna work. how is that even fair? people should work for their money.
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you evidently are not well acquainted with any semblance of reason
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That is the worst way I've seen someone describe communism wrong.
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All the biggest economies in the world have capitalist economies. It is no coincidence . . .
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that money is made from oppression, we also use violent economic sanctions on any country with a speck of socialism if not military intervention, yugoslavia moment
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Not true: China is already the biggest economy in the world (on purchasing power parity basis) and is nominally a communist country
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It is certainly the best one developed so far. Even China, which is nominally run by a communist party, is a very capitalist system, albeit one with a missing social net. Europe is also running a capitalist system, but has a higher level of welfare and social benefits driven by higher taxes. Those are just choices within the capitalistic system, but all are at core a capitalistic system.
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The historical evidence is just overwhelming: Look at West Germany versus East Germany and South ver sus North Korea. Both countries were unified before their split, have the same culture, geography and had/have vastly different economic outcomes
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Communism is much more fair than capitalism, nobody has actually tried communism. The soviet union, china, vietnam, laos, north korea are all socialist as all of the people work for the government that owns the means of production. Communism on the other hand is where workers own the means of production, so rather than I give money to all my friends that they didn't work for it's my friends and I work at the factory that we own. Communism has government systems that appoint the people rather than the corrupt upper class. the work communism is actually quite mis-leading and should rather be called Marxism. Love, Your friendly neighborhood war criminal P.S Sources: Marx, Karl, Friedrich Engels, Jeffrey C. Isaac, and Steven Lukes. The Communist Manifesto. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2012.
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Due to capitalism there is extreme income inequality. American billionaires (614 people) have double the amount of wealth than the aggregate wealth of bottom 50% of Americans (about 160 million people). That means that every billionaire, on average, has the wealth of 260,500 low income Americans.
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The Scandinavian countries who have socialist economies have much higher standards of living and citizens who are happier on average.
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They're actually super capitalist but have welfare, that's not what socialism is
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They don't have socialist economies though. They have market economies with a social safety net.
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