Is “Blue Lives Matter” a racist movement?
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On top of being racist it is a false movement. When you become a cop you accept the possibility that you might die while serving. Cops willingly become apart of the system even though they might die reinforcing it. However, Black Americans who get shot by the police did not choose to accept the possibility in any way, shape, or form. Therefore, the system disregarded their lives.
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Even though cops who died accepted the possibility, there is still a huge portion of the American population that doesn't care about their lives. That(!!!) is why we say "Blue Lives Matter".
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Yes, as it is in direct opposition of the Black Lives Matter movement. Any movement that was made in response to the phrase "Black Lives Matter" is unmistakably racist.
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No i think that due to BLM rising the blue lives matter movement seemed like opposition and was treated as such. In turn it was then made a way to opposed BLM however its original purpose was to protect (inset city here)’s finest. No matter what race they are
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It is far from a racist movement as it helps to protect all officers, black, asian, hispanic, etc. BLM complains about police brutality against black people when it is far more likely to happen to whtie people. It also wasn't made in response to the phrase "Black Lives Matter." And by that logic, Asian Lives Matter, Hispanic Lives Matter, and anything ending with "Lives Matter" besides "Black Lives Matter." Blue Lives Matter was made in response to hatred of the police, and to help bring together officers from different communities. It was simply inspiration in the name, also when you aim a gun at a cop or shoot a cop you are accepting the fact that you're gonna die.
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No, why do people think it's racist? That is because they only want one organization on top, which is blm. Whoever think it's racist to say blue lives matter, they only care about one and only life that matters. They do not care about cops who are willing to serve this community and protect our citizens. In fact, blue lives matter deserve more respect since cops choose to protect and serve. A race does not help the community in any way. Think about it yourself.
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The movement is against black lives matter's hatred of police, made evident by the burning of police departments. The movement does no oppose the phrase- if it did, it would be black lives dont matter. It's against the organization and emphasizes the importance of support those who put their lives on the line to protect us. It has nothing to do with race, except being a parody of black lives matter
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