In light of frequent mass shootings, should the US ban all automatic weapons?
cow22, May 2, 2021, 982 views, 0
Having military style weapons in the hands of normal people was not the intention of the founding fathers when writing the Second Amendment
NYCdebater, 22 views, 1 rebuttals, 0
The text literally mentions militias. Other founders mentioned the necessity of the people controlling the military. See also the standing armies clause. Of course military style weapons were their intention.
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If you go just 'by the text' (which I don't think one should do but rather evolve for the times, but that is another debate), automatic weapons might be suitable for a time when 'militias' will be formed at some time, but NOT for everyday Joe to buy
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Yes, automatic weapons are not required for self-defense or for hunting
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Suppose, for a moment, that you are being attacked by a group of people, which isn't outside of the realm of impossibility. Remember when people protested and destroyed everything some time ago? There were even individuals who were attacked by groups. So, absolutely not. ANYONE should be able to bear such type of arms.
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If you get attacked by a group of people then a handgun will do the trick. You don’t have to be able to spray 20 bullets per second to get rid of some guys attacking you. Also, what if somebody who is insane buys an automatic gun. What harm could they do if they attacked a school or any large assembly. Hell sane people buy guns and shoot up schools, if everyone should be able to bear these kinds of weapons what is stopping them from using them to kill innocent people. Take it from me. - your friendly neighborhood war criminal
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Just name one example where in the US someone defended themselves with a military-style automatic weapon?
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fully automatic weapons have been banned since the late 1980s, and its handguns primarily used in all types of shootings.
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Fully automatic weapons haven't been used in mass shootings. The question shows a serious lack of understanding. This is illustrative of the gun banning community. At least learn about what you want to ban instead of relying on fear and ignorance.
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