Has the US handled the Ukraine-Russia conflict appropriately so far?
SubwayRider, February 24, 2022, 319 views, 3
Attacking Russia would mean world war three, which would likely go nuclear. Sanctions is the best way we can attempt to restrain the bear without setting into a rage. Side note- Isn't it crazy that one man has the power to end the human race?
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These economic sanctions will hurt as just as much as they hurt Russia because of how interconnected we are.
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Yeah, if the US were to go to war against Russia it would be world war 3 which is bad so being passive is the right choice.
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Russia annexing Ukraine in Russia's mind is an inevitability. The US intervening wouldn't do crap except start a years-long war with NATO that would probably go nuclear and cause us all to die. As of now, the US is undoubtedly doing what is right.
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If Trump was president, this wouldn't be happening! That is why he was buddy buddies with Putin. Who cares about the image? There are women and children dying in Ukraine right now because of Biden.
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If he decided to attack the Russians it doesnt matter, the US would be going to war against China, North Korea, and Belarus. If we go to war against russia the economy crashes, South Korea and japan are f***ed, and russia mostly likely invades Poland. Also they weren’t buddies they were political allies, it is obvious that Putin doesn’t care about the US president being sour towards him because he invaded Ukraine despite Biden telling him not to. Even if trump told Putin no he would invade anyway and if he had I’m sure trump would make similar decisions as Biden as its either Biden’s way or world war 3. Besides, trump supports Putin anyway as he has stated multiple times on National television. So if you think he would stop Putin, that’s a no. - your friendly neighborhood war criminal
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What about the men dying?
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