George Santos should resign due to his lies
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Santos' constituents now came to Washington DC to demand his resignation since he scammed them. So it is gaining ground support among his own voters. All that is needed is McCarthy pushing him out (which he probably will not do through for his own selfish power reasons).
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There was a Newsday and Siena poll that showed that 78% of voters in Santos' own district want him to resign. This includes 71% of Republicans, so there is an overwhelming bi-partisan support for him to resign
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There are also now financial inaccuracies on how he financed his campaign. This will trigger formal legal investigations and could then to him being forced to resign. Al Capone was sent to jail for tax reasons and not for being a mafia boss after all.
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This is despicable behavior by Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans who defend George Santos despite his obvious lies since they need him because of their slim majority in the House.
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Absolutely. He deceived his voters way more than the proverbial 'typical politician' about his professional and personal life. Based on surveys in his own district, his own voters want him to resign.
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As shocking as it is, but blatantly lying on your resume and in publicly recorded statements does not disqualify someone to be a US representative (but would get your first in any company). What could get him though are the financial disclosure and campaign finance regulations that will force him to resign.
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Of course he should resign because his being there is an insult to the institution, a laughing stock for the rest of the world.
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Resume embellishment is one thing, but his entire personal and professional story has been made up. From undergraduate to MBA to job to religion to parents's deaths to campaign finance. This is more than enough for him to be forced to resign by his fellow Republicans
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Agree that he should stay to inject some real-time fun into the dry politics: he is now on the science, space and technology US House committee!
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This is what all the late night host and SNL are using as material for two weeks running, so this is great entertainment!
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He should resign but he will not since the Republicans have no spine and will not force him out
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No, he is exactly the congressman that America deserves!
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