George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice And Fire is the Best Fantasy Series Ever Written
YourBoyHans, September 18, 2022, 323 views, 0
George R.R Martin was the pioneer behind a new wave of fantasy books where authors did not glorify the medieval setting. On top of depicting life as it really would be, he also writes the best characters out of any fantasy author, even Sanderson. He is the ONLY, and I mean ONLY, author to write truly gray characters. He realizes that good and bad is a spectrum, that they are subjective, that good people can commit bad acts, that bad people can commit good acts, etc. He is the author that most successfully breaks away from the "good vs. evil" overarching narrative that has plagued popular culture, and in doing so perfectly averts the gross oversimplification of human existence.
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No harry potter is.
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Lord of The Rings is the best by far. I feel like you cannot objectively characterize which book is better, so the determination should be popular opinion. And with popular opinion: The Lord of The Rings movies are all in the Top 10 movies ever created in terms of IMDB rating while the Game of Thrones show had a notoriously horrendous season 8.
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