Democracy in the US in in serious danger
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The US is seriously polarized with just a few thousand votes (~40,000) across three states handing the 2020 election victory to Joe Biden. It does not take much for this to swing the other way in 2024 with (likely) Trump getting the presidency again, so yes, there is serious danger to democracy in the US
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There was a politically motivated attack on Nancy Pelosi and all that Fox News and the Republicans come up with is that it might be staged. This was a direct attach on democratically elected leader and deserved a strong response. So yes, the US Democracy is in real danger after the 2022/2024.
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A significant share of Republican candidates during the 2022 midterms are open election deniers and would be in a position to influence (i.e., ignore votes) in the 2024 presidential election
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The 2022 midterms have strengthened democracy in the US since almost all election deniers have lost their races. This shows that the center of the country still holds and wants a functioning democracy
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Democracy is always fragile, but in the US democracy is very well established and there are many checks and balances in place, so overthrowing democracy would take quite a few dramatic steps, so as of now (2022) democracy does not seem to be in serious danger
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The institutions in the US are still strong and have survived the 'shock' from four years of Trump. These institutions are still supported probably by 2/3 of the US population if it were ever come to it
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