Cryptocurrencies have no value except for speculation and illicit transactions
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So far nothing else have come out of crypto. It has no inherent value either such as stocks, bonds, or real estate and just holds value because people believe in it (which can erode at any time).
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Every other use case for cryptocurrencies has not worked: it is too slow for payments and is not a store of value since bitcoin's value has crashed
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The main argument for cryptocurrencies among the libertarians is that they are independent of any government's meddling in the currency. That idea has a lot of merit and while the current cryptocurrencies may not be perfect yet, they will be in years to com
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What's the value of gold? It also only have value since people believe that it has value, same as with crypto.
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This is a new invention and for sure there will false starts and many fails, like with every revolutionary invention, but eventually the technology will get better, faster and cheaper and cryptocurrency will have its place among other currencies
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